Core Values

Our Values

What makes it possible to achieve our vision is our adherence to our values. A company is only as good as the values its management and staff embody every day, in every interaction, both with customers and with fellow employees. Our values are simple:

Honesty and Integrity

We strive for integrity, truthfulness and straightforwardness. We expect our team members to be truthful, trustworthy, loyal, fair, sincere and straightforward in their conduct and in their representation of our company.


We motivate and empower our people to optimize performance. We strive to set clear expectations and to help staff members build on their strengths and develop new skills. We try to inspire the people of Optimum Ship Management to bring clarity, integrity and authenticity to their work, and we monitor staff performance with transparency, according to established expectations and standards.


We expect every member of the Optimum Ship Management team to appreciate his or her coworkers and our guests, and to treat each of them with consideration, courtesy and kindness.


We provide rewards based on specific and measureable objectives through effective performance management. We offer our staff personal development opportunities and rewarding and challenging career advancement opportunities.


We expect every member of staff to work cooperatively with others, both on his or her own team and with other teams. We encourage everyone to contribute to a process, to value the input of other team members and to be willing to learn from other Optimum Ship Management employees from the various lines of our business.


We rely on the integrity, strength and abilities of our people. We have confidence in their abilities and in their willingness to make the right decisions at every turn for our customers and for our company.